Southern Comfort Conference

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment to help promote the Southern Comfort Conference Family Day. A great event at the Southern Comfort Conference for the whole family!

From the Family Day Tumblr:
“The 24th annual Southern Comfort, a 4-day symposium full of seminars, activities, vendors and more for the transgender community, from September 3rd-7th, 2014, will be introducing a full day of family-oriented programing!


Here’s a list of some speakers and panelists we will have at the Southern Comfort Family Conference this year:


Leslie Lagerstrom, writer

Dr. Jamison Green, Ph.D.
President of WPATH

Dr. Johanna Olson
Pediatrician for gender variant children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Matt Smith, father of a trans woman and one of the founding members on the planning committee for the first Family Conference

Dr. Marci Bowers, SRS specialist

Michael Silverman
Executive Director and founder of TLDEF


Links to SCC Family Day Information








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